Tree Planting

Let's protect and restore forests worldwide.

Planting trees that make a difference.

With every product purchased,
you can plant 5 trees.


trees planted

15 billion trees are cut down every year.

Logging and Deforestation

Deforestation directly contributes to near 12% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Mature trees store carbon in their branches, trunks, leaves, and roots, and the forests themselves store large amounts of carbon in their soil. When forests are leveled, much of this carbon is released in the form or CO2, a climate change driving greenhouse gas.

When we cut down forests, we're not only losing trees that actively remove CO2, we're also releasing stored carbon into our atmosphere.


Deforestation drives 50,000 species to extinction each year.


Forests are among the planet's most biologically diverse ecosystems.

A square kilometer of forest may be home to more than 1,000 species! Loss of these habitats does not only eliminate trees, but also destroys homes.

The main cause of deforestation is agriculture - namely, cattle ranching, growing livetock feed (like soy) and farming palm oil. Drilling and mining not only require direct clearing of forests, but also generate mass pollution that damages local ecosystems.

Planting Trees

The trees we plant make a difference.

We've helped fund projects around the globe, including the USA, Brasil, Kenya, Australia, Nepal, Madagascar, and others.

Planting trees that address a cause of deforestation.

Millions of smallholder farming families live in extreme poverty and use destructive agricultural methods that degrade their ecosystem, soil, water, and trees. The Forest Garden approach plants trees to restore farmlands - eliminating the need to cut down local forestry to expand - and provides farmers with a sustainable source of food and income.
Forest Gardens consist of thousands of trees including fast-growing trees, fruit trees, and hardwoods; over 2,500 trees per acre.

Planting trees that sustainably restore and reforest.

Reforestation involves the intentional planting of trees in woodlands that have been destroyed, often by human interference. Maintaining biodiversity is critical in restoration efforts. Different seedlings from the natural habitat are used to regenerate the original ecosystem.
Our partners work with local communities to reforest; creating jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.