With every product purchased, you can fight climate change. Prevent 150 pounds of GHG emissions from entering our atmosphere with each item.


pounds of Greenhouse Gases

Climate Change is the biggest threat facing our planet.

CO2 levels in our atmosphere are now at the highest they’ve been in over 800,000 years

Reduce GHG emissions and support communities

Worldwide, the technology oft exists to shift to low-emission alternatives - but the money does not. We support projects that help communities transition to practices better for them and the planet. Together, we can fund projects that slash greenhouse gas pollution and promote a healthy, happy planet.

Native American Methane Capture

Affordable Cookstoves

Our Every Day Difference

Even outside of these actions, we're committed to the welfare of our planet in every decision we make.


organic farming, 100% vegan materials, and fair trade practices prioritize the planet's habitats & bolster equality in communities


100% carbon-neutral - we carefully choose earth-positive practices that limit emissions and then offset the rest.


the planet is always our priority & every item has a positive impact. we make being good to the earth easy.