Plastic plagues our planet, and we're stepping up.

We're committed to the welfare of our planet in every decision we make.

From 100% recycled shipping materials to natural, organic fibers.

With every product purchased, you can clean up 1 lb of trash.


pounds of trash picked up

School of fish

By 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish

150 million tonnes of plastic are already polluting the world's oceans, and we're adding at least 9.1 million tonnes each year - a figure that is said to be growing by five percent annually.

We're approaching a reality where trash and synthetics make up more of Earth's incredible ecosystems than living things.

Every second, an additional 600 pounds of plastic waste enter our waters.

Plastic waste from disposable goods and synthetic fabrics heavily pollute Earth's oceans. Each square mile of the ocean has more than 45,000 pieces of plastic pollution that damage local ecosystems.

Plastic pollution

Microplastics are found everywhere.

Scientists encounter plastic particles everywhere they look. "In deep oceans; in Arctic snow and Antarctic ice; in shellfish, table salt, drinking water and beer; and drifting in the air or falling with rain over mountains and cities."

Microplastic originate from a variety of sources: cosmetics, bags, bottles, and especially synthetic clothing. Plastic fibers in most fabrics (polyester, acrylic, and nylon) pollute water with every wash cycle. We need to be better, and #quitplastic.

It's time to clean up our planet, one pound at a time.

Happy Earth Ambassadors pick up trash around the world - parks, trails, beaches, streets - we're on a mission to restore our planet. We provide rewards for being active in environmental efforts to clean up communities.

We also partner with organizations that are focused on removing pollution from our planet's natural waterways.