The Founders' Picks

Whether passion projects or items with meaningful connection to our community, these are our favorites of the year.

-Victoria + David


We tried to pick just one, but we genuinely wear them all on rotation. They’re wildly comfy, but each design offers a unique, earthy edge. With a large rib-knit waist, these joggers are impressively flattering. It’s loungewear to wear confidently – that means no panic hiding in the frozen foods aisle during a grocery run at your parents’ house. Because you just know that you’ll bump into someone from high school. Get yourself and your giftee a pair.

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Nordic Sherpa Jacket

An instant favorite. Developing this soft, fuzzy melange fabric out of organic cotton was no easy feat. We wanted an all-season jacket you would choose to wear time and time again. It’s a clear standout with embroidered accents that really elevate this zip-up to something extraordinary.

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Mountain Sunset QZ

Ahh, the quarter-zip. The "professional-enough but still comfy" top for work-from-home zoom calls. The bronze and gold ridgeline back panel is reminiscent of some of our favorite hikes, where vibrant sunsets set mountains aglow. Exceptionally soft and relaxed in fit, it’ll give them all the warm and fuzzy feelings.

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Basalt Tweed Jacket

Marled black tweed, carved rosewood buttons, ample pocket space – there’s so much to love about this timeless jacket. But what steals the show is the unique, leafy lining. Our hand-drawn branching vine design gives this classic jacket an earthy edge. They’ll be looking for reasons to casually show-off the lining.

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Sage Blanket Shirt

Our favorite color of the year meets our favorite new product collection. This premium, heavyweight blanket shirt was designed to combine the classic style of fuzzy flannel and the signature silky-feel of a Happy Earth tee – a comfort blanket you can wear. Plus, you’re basically gifting two-in-one as it can be worn as a shirt or a jacket.

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O Ka Honua Leggings

I wear these, with no exaggeration, every day. They're super comfortable around the house, and they don't let you down when you're active. I love that they don’t have that awful, ultra-thin, plastic-y feel that’s characteristic of most athletic wear – and that’s because they’re made from soft, ribbed organic cotton.

It’s one of our most-loved items: by our customers, by media outlets, and definitely by us. It’s sure to be loved by them.

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She Blooms

Fun and flowy, it’s the perfect companion to our beloved leggings. The relaxed drop shoulders and oversized fit make for a comfortable, casual look. The embroidered design represents Mother Earth personified; a woman’s face blossoming into a crown of wildflowers. It’s perfect for the tricky, style-forward person on your list.

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Fit + Flare Dress

The little black dress (LBD) outlives any fashion trend, making it an iconic, sustainable wardrobe essential. Fitted at the top and flowy at the bottom – this midi style cuts a classic silhouette. We love the long sleeves for cooler weather and elegant v-neck. Bonus: It’s oh-so-easy to hem if they prefer to show a little more leg.

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Grand Canyon Beanie

We’re nearly 7 years into designing the ultimate beanie – and we’ve finally done it! 100% organic cotton, it’s super warm and cozy, but still allows your head to breathe. Wear it cuffed or slouchy, it’s a master of both signature beanie styles. It was hard to pick our favorite color, but the brilliant golds of the Grand Canyon tops an outfit like no other.

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Stormy Forest Hoodie

This is our go-to travel pullover. It goes without saying that it's amazingly soft, but the key is the oversized hood. Easily accommodating noise-cancelling headphones and big enough to pull over your eyes, this hoodie makes the ever-elusive plane nap a lot easier.


Panthera Herringbone Blanket Shirt

The way this fabric catches the light is utterly striking - and lined with our signature silky-smooth jersey, it’s luxuriously soft. An upgraded, neutral classic we love to wear as a shirt or toss on as a jacket, it's easy to dress up or dress down.

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Give A Damn Tee

When it comes to the planet, we actually give a damn. It’s Happy Earth’s motto for a reason. This community favorite long sleeve tee delivers a simple, concise message; it’s the perfect gift for any earthling that #givesadamn. With every item, we give back to protect our planet. The sleeve on this signature shirt features icons that represent each of the environmental campaigns we support.

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