September Challenge: Message Your Representatives

September Challenge: Message Your Representatives - Happy Earth®
As individuals, there are many thing we can do to be more Earth-friendly, like reducing our plastic usage, composting food scraps, and eating less beef.
But when it comes to large changes like improving renewable energy infrastructure, protecting at-risk species, and reducing industrial pollution, we think we are powerless.

That's not true.


This month's challenge:


or check your registration status if you've already registered


Voting Registration Guide (USA) 5 MINUTES  Step 1: Go to  Step 2: Select your state  Step 3: Follow your state's instructions




10 minutes

Follow Our Guide Here:

How to Contact Your US Government Representatives

We provide a template and quick walk-through on how to contact them all at once just by texting - it's super easy!

+50 Points Send us a screenshot or photo (with any sensitive info redacted) proof that you registered to vote
+50 Points  Send us a screenshot that shows your message to at least one of your local, state, or federal representatives