October Challenge: Buying Sustainable

October Challenge: Buying Sustainable - Happy Earth®
This month's challenge is all about making your everyday a little more sustainable.  The products we buy and brands we support make a big impact on the planet.  Choosing earth-friendly options helps boost groups prioritizing ethical, sustainable practices (and sends a message to the general industry that ECO IS IN!)

For October, we want you to research one of your everyday items and learn about how that business addresses sustainable and ethical standards.  Are they transparent about materials, business practices and mission?  How do they tackle sustainability compared with the status quo? 
Some everyday items to think about:
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Grocery staples (milk, eggs, chips)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Makeup
  • Jeans
We're focused on learning - so don't get hung-up if it's not what you had expected.

With every eco-positive purchase, you're essentially casting your vote for sustainable business practices.  Let's learn about how our everyday lives affect the planet this month!
Example:  Coffee Beans
  1. Packaging: Plastic? Recycled Plastic? Compostable Paper? Refillable Jar?
  2. Ethical Standards: Exploitation? Fair wages? Community building? Certified Organic? Fair Trade?
  3. Sustainability: Organic? Pesticide use? Rainforest-safe?
  4. Beyond: Giving Back? Long-term sustainability goals? 1% For The Planet partners? Carbon Offset?

Fill out this form with your research results about a product you regularly use as well as a more sustainable option, and send through the Ambassador Work Submission Form for 50 points!