June Challenge: Great Outdoors Month!

June Challenge: Great Outdoors Month! - Happy Earth®

Q2 Theme: Trash Clean-up

April: Trash Clean-up - Celebrate Earth month by getting out there and giving back!

May: Trash Clean-up - Superlatives

June: Trash Clean-up - Enjoy the Outdoors

June is Great Outdoors Month, a month-long celebration of the outdoors encouraging everyone to head outside into the natural world. Hit the trails, take a walk, picnic in the park, summit a mountain, boulder or climb, hop on a bike, spend a day at the beach - however nature calls to you, dedicate some time to appreciate the outdoors this month.

the "WHY?"

Being green isn’t always easy. According to a survey from sustainability leader Genomatica, 95 percent of Americans say sustainability is a goal — but it’s difficult to put into practice.

Burnout is real. Take this month to reconnect with nature. Sometimes the best way to #giveadamn about our planet is to recenter and remember what you’re actually working to protect.


Get outside! Enjoy our incredible planet. Find new places, explore old favorites. Devote time to just being present and have fun outdoors. We’ll be awarding points for any photo you submit of you outside rocking Happy Earth – it’s that easy. Bonus points if you decide to leave it better than you found it by doing a trash clean-up!


25 points per outdoor photo submission (max 100 points). And let us know how you enjoyed Great Outdoors Month! Submit your photos via this Form and share on social!

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