June Challenge: Great Outdoors Month

June Challenge: Great Outdoors Month - Happy Earth®

It’s ‘Great Outdoors Month’ - a month-long celebration of the outdoors!  

For June, we want you to enjoy our planet.  Hit the trails, take a walk, picnic in the park, summit a mountain, boulder or climb, hop on a bike, spend a day at the beach - however nature calls to you, dedicate some time to appreciate the outdoors this month.

We’ll be rewarding points for photos taken of you outside sporting Happy Earth!

Earn 50 points:

Get outside in your favorite Happy Earth piece, take a photo of yourself (or have a friend help), and send it it to through the Ambassador Report. Easy!


Go the Extra Mile

We’ll also be awarding points for picking up trash around your community!

For ‘Great Outdoors Month’ let’s help keep our natural lands wild (and litter-free)!

How it Works

1. Clean up some trash

Please use caution and wear appropriate protective gear (gloves, masks, etc.)

2. Document your haul

Weigh / estimate your trash collection and snap a photo to share with us

3. Submit the Work Report

Submit a Work Report on the Happy Earth website

4. Share your experience!

Upload a photo to Instagram or Facebook and tag us