July Challenge: Plastic Free July

July Challenge: Plastic Free July - Happy Earth®

Happy July! This month's challenge is all about reducing your plastic waste. Identifying all the single-use plastic you use, tracking how much of it is in your life, and making an effort week by week to cut down the plastic addiction.

We crafted a worksheet to help you on your plastic-free journey, which you can download below. Start this week by just tallying up how much plastic you use - then each week see if you can get those numbers lower.  At the end of the month, hopefully you'll have created better, less plastic-dependent habits!

At the end of the month, send us your completed (or not-so-completed) worksheet using the Submit Your Work Form and we'll add 100 Impact Points to your rewards.


Don't forget: You can always earn more points by picking up trash!

We award 40 points per pound of trash cleaned up (with photo evidence) - so get out there, clean up the planet, and earn some free Happy Earth merchandise!