Earth Month Challenge: Clean-up!

Earth Month Challenge: Clean-up! - Happy Earth®

Q2 Theme: Trash Clean-up

April: Trash Clean-up - Celebrate Earth month by getting out there and giving back!

May: Trash Clean-up - Superlatives

June: Trash Clean-up - Enjoy the Outdoors


We're taking our community challenges outdoors this Spring! Our theme focuses on taking the initiative to clean-up our planet. Each month we'll be awarding points for trash clean-ups, with bonus activities for additional rewards.

the "WHY?"

Even with some states and municipalities like California, Vermont, and Washington D.C. banning single-use plastic straws and plastic bags, recent years have seen an increase in pollution rates.  Those wrappers, cigarettes, and bottles you see littered around are now regularly joined by discarded masks and gloves.

As we eagerly await (and encourage!) our lawmakers enacting better restrictions on single-use plastics and better enforcement of littering regulations, we can contribute to keeping our communities clean.

At the end of the day, pollution damages ecosystems, harms animals and plants, and makes the outdoors less enjoyable for everyone. But with a little effort we all can make a difference and do our part!


With Earth Month kicking off, we're excited to get active in cleaning up our environments!


On your walks, rides, or drives around, start paying attention to areas that need a little TLC. It might be a schoolyard, sidewalk, or park - but wherever you see trash that needs picking up, make a note of it!

Pick a date and time to head over. Don't forget to bring a trash bag or bucket and a pair of gloves for a bit of hygiene and protection.

BONUS: Bring a friend! We want everyone "giving a damn" about our planet and getting involved in conservation efforts. Sharing the experience with a friend makes it go twice as fast and be double the fun - you'll also be helping a friend become part of the environmental movement! 


Weigh your trash collection with a luggage scale or portable scale if you have one - or do your best to estimate. Make sure you snap some photos! Share with us to verify your participation in the challenge, and share on social to let your community know you "give a damn" and encourage them to take part!


After your clean-up, fill out a Work Report here. Make sure to upload your photos and let us know what the most common item you found was!


Post your haul on Instagram or Facebook and tag us (@happyearth)! Bonus if you're in Happy Earth gear! If your account is private, send us the post in a DM.


For completing the challenge, you'll get 50 points. The bigger the haul, though, the more points you get! We'll award 40 points per pound of trash you collect.


+50 Points Clean up trash and submit your haul
+40 Points Per pound of trash cleaned-up
+25 Points Bring a friend!
+25 Points Share and tag @happyearth


Submit Your Work