Guest Post: An Ambassador's Appeal for Help In Protecting Wilderness

Boreas Pond, NY Adirondacks

Boreas Pond, NY Adirondacks

We at Happy Earth have always been strong advocates for conservation as well as sustainability, and we're striving to encourage others to join us in our mission.  We've recently been contacted by one of our ambassadors, Quinn Howes, asking us to share her message.  Please consider doing anything you can to help her and more importantly, our wilderness.


Hi all - I hope you take a few minutes to read about an opportunity to stand up for and protect our wild lands.

I have been passionately involved in the preservation of wild spaces for some time now, and recently have been helping to spread the news about an area of the Adirondacks that is currently under threat of becoming further developed. The Boreas Pond Tract was recently acquired by the state of New York under the guise of preservation, but this fall the Adirondack Park Agency released their proposal for the land which includes extending the existing road and infrastructure as well as allowing motorized access within this area. Unfortunately, this area is one of the few that is currently more than just a mile or two from motorized access, making it uniquely wild. Should the APA's proposal go through, the natural habitat of hundreds of animal species will be destroyed as trees are cleared to expand roads and create snowmobiling trails. Only 3% of the Lower 48 states is classified as protected wilderness areas - PLEASE help us stand up for the moose, ducks, deer, and trees, as well as the countless past and future memories to be made in this wonderful part of our world.

If you'd like to become involved in helping protect this wonderful piece of wild land, here are a few options:

-Check out the Adirondack Wilderness Advocates page for more information. This group was founded by passionate people like ourselves who felt the need to stand up for the places where we love to hike, ski, snowshoe, etc.

-Send a letter advocating for true wild spaces. There is a link through the ADK Wilderness Advocates page to easily do so.

-Please feel free to reach out to me by email,, for more ways to get involved. If you are located in western MA, upstate NY, or VT, there are more opportunities for you to make a difference by attending local meetings in person. 

Thank you for your time, 
Quinn Howes

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