For every product purchased, you can clean up 1 lb of trash.


pounds removed

Don't Be Trashy

Tons - actually, over SIX BILLION tons - of plastic is trashing our planet

50 trillion particles of micro-plastic are in our oceans.

Plastic plagues our planet.

It’s time for us to take care of it, one pound at a time.

happy earth ambassadors

our community picks up trash across the world - parks, trails, beaches, streets - we’re on a mission to restore our planet

Our Every Day Difference

Even outside of these actions, we're committed to the welfare of our planet in every decision we make.

no plastic

our organic cotton is all-natural and plastic-free, so no synthetic (aka plastic) fibers here! Most fabrics shed microplastics that pollute our world, but not us.

zero waste

our packaging is made from 100% post-consumer waste & recyclable materials. Plus, our sustainable alternatives make it easy to #ditchthesingleuse


the planet is always our priority & every item has a positive impact. We make being good to the earth easy.