Happy Earth x Tree Card

Sign up for Treecard and get $50 off your next Happy Earth purchase.

What is Treecard?

Treecard is the free Mastercard debit card that reforests the planet when you spend, powered by the search engine Ecosia.org. Customers receive a recycled wooden debit card which uses the interchange fee (the fee Mastercard charges stores to process transactions) to support reforestation projects around the globe. They’ve pledged 80% of their fees to reforestation initiatives, and have over 200,000 customers. The card has zero fees.

What is the Offer?

Treecard will refund $50 cash when you spend at Happy Earth with a free Treecard debit card. There are no restrictions, which means any purchase below $50 is free. Treecard is completely free; there are no hidden costs.

How do I participate?

  1. Download the Treecard app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Follow the setup and use the referral code HAPPY. Finally, Order a Card (you'll get the card number immediately).
  2. Load the Treecard just like a regular debit/prepaid and make a purchase on happyearthapparel.com. You'll receive an instant virtual card in the app, as well as receive a recyclable wooden card in the mail.
  3. Treecard will automatically refund you up to $50 for your purchase at Happy Earth.


  • Are there any fees?
    • No. Treecard is free to use.
  • Is the card itself ethical since it's made of wood?
    • Yes! Rather than using non-biodegradable plastics, Treecard is made from recyclable wood and plastic bottles!
  • Do I need to wait for my card to arrive in the mail before I can donate?
    • No. In the "card" section of the app, you can select a virtual card - you can just copy the numbers from your virtual card there to make an instant donation online.
  • Am I changing bank accounts?
    • No, you are just loading a pre-paid card. You can load it with your existing bank card.
  • Is there a deadline?
    • The promotion period does not have an expiry date, so if a donor didn’t see the email until a month later, their donation will still be applicable.
  • I need help with signing up.
    • Email jamie@treecard.org
  • Is my money safe when I load the card?
    • Yes all funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000.
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