Sustainability & Transparency

We think it's important for companies to have transparency so you know what you’re buying and how it’s made. This is attainable for every business - and for a sustainable future, it’s necessary.



Our ‘Conscious Cotton’ apparel products, shirts, sweatshirt, and hoodies are made in Lima, Peru. The organic cotton is sourced from local, farmer-owned and USDA certified organic farms. The cotton is processed, cut, and sewn in GOTS and World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) certified facilities. Most of the screen-printing is completed there as well. Items that require additional printing are taken to our local printers where they use only eco-friendly inks.

Beanies and hats are crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton in Shenzhen, China.

Blankets are woven in Mexico from recycled cotton, polyester, and acrylic fibers. Patches are sewn on-site in New Jersey.

We’ve worked with each of our suppliers to cut down substantially on the plastic used in each shipment. Whereas many suppliers will have each item individually wrapped, our manufacturers will use a single bag for 10-25 items. These are then properly recycled.



We use only 100% Post-Consumer Waste packing and shipping products that can be further recycled.

Through carbon offsetting, our operations are fully carbon neutral.