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As an ambassador for Happy Earth, you're also an ambassador for the planet.  Every part of the program is designed to get you more involved in protecting the environment and making the planet a better, cleaner place.




Ambassadors complete monthly environmental challenges - and earn points for staying involved


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Set personal sustainability goals, measure your progress, and encourage others

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Kayley is an outdoor travel blogger. She shares resources to better experience the outdoors and tips on how to incorporate an eco-friendly lifestyle. She incorporates sustainability practices in her daily life such as minimizing single-use plastics and supporting companies that give back to the planet. As a frequent hiker, she engages in cleaning trails of trash. Follow her journey at resourcefulroamer.com and @resourcefulroamer.


Writer and Storyteller

Maggie has traveled to all seven continents to find and share stories about climate change. She writes articles for news outlets and provides lectures to schools on the topic, and has been featured in the Huffington Post’s series “End of the Earth.” She produced a film on climate and Antarctica, In Search of the Adelie Penguin and co-hosts The Watering Hole, a podcast devoted to wildlife conservation.

You can learn more about Maggie on her Instagram (@mmdewane) or her website www.maggiedewane.com


I research tick populations and their impacts on environmental and public health. As a representative of the sustainability department at my school, I work to encourage more students to pursue environmental fields and to consider the interdisciplinary implications of sustainability and the environment.


Conservation became the focal point of my life from the time I became a tour operator for San Diego Zoo Global. Carrying a reusable water bottle and straw to reduce plastic waste as well as joining in tree planting events around my community are some examples of how I continue to be an ambassador for conservation!