1.  An item is out of stock.  Do you know when they'll be in stock?
Check the product description for an in-stock date.  If there's no in-stock date listed, we don't know when we'll have more.
2.  When will my package arrive?
We can usually ship orders within 2 days of purchase, and domestic (US) shipping times are between 1 and 3 additional business days.  Standard shipping may take longer, depending on the number of packages USPS is currently shipping.  If your order includes a pre-order item, we will not ship your order until that items comes in.
3.  Can you send me free items?
Our business is focused on promoting conservation partly through donations, and every dollar counts.  All of our items are available on our store, so if you'd like to support us, you can purchase them there.
4.  Are you looking for ambassadors?
Yes! You can apply on our ambassador page.


Need to return or exchange an item?  Visit our Returns page.


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