What's Causing Global Warming

What's Causing Global Warming


Climate change and global warming are often used in the same context, but climate change is more or less the consequence of rising global temperatures.  "Climate change deniers" - for whatever reason - have consistently tried to explain away rising temperatures as an effect of factors outside of human control.  They don't deny that the Earth's average temperatures have risen over the past century, but they refuse to acknowledge humans' role in this phenomenon.

There's a lot of information regarding global warming and climate change, and it can be daunting trying to digest it all.  We've found a really interesting article from Bloomberg that illustrates the temperature effect of each of the suspected "causes" of global warming.  Read it here. 

Global Temperatues Graph

Above we can clearly see that the greenhouse gases category (methane, carbon dioxide, and others) is the single most influential driver of increasing temperatures.  Burning of fossil fuels, deforestation (destruction of carbon sinks), and agriculture - all human activities - are the largest contributors to the increasing levels of greenhouse gases.

Despite the increasing evidence, there are shockingly those who would deny climate change, but its hard to explain away this data.  Share with your friends and family - action is needed, but it won't happen without support.

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