February Challenge: Message Your Representatives

February Challenge: Message Your Representatives - Happy Earth®

In November, the US not only elected a new president, but it also chose representatives for the 117th Congress.  They got to work on January 3 and will continue for the next 2 years (House) to 6 years (Senate).  Our work as citizens isn't done, though - in order to represent us, our elected officials need to hear from us.

Whether you agree or disagree with a representatives viewpoints, actions, or inaction - tell them.  Are you happy that they supported a specific bill? Do you want them to make something more of a priority? Tell them.  It's imperative to communicate with the people who are trying to represent you, and doing so has never been easier.  This month's ambassador challenge is to:



10 minutes

Follow Our Guide Here (with examples):

How to Contact Your US Government Representatives

We provide a template and quick walk-through on how to contact them all at once just by texting - it's super easy!

+50 Points Send us a screenshot that shows your message to at least one of your local, state, or federal representatives