Bill Nye's Unstoppable - A Message That Empowers Change

“so long as we each focus only on our individual decisions and their short-term consequences, we will act like renters, not owners of this Earth.” - Bill Nye

We all know Bill Nye.  We remember tuning in each week to tour Nye Laboratories with our witty host, Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Sporting his characteristic baby blue lab coat and staple bow tie, our friendly scientist dazzled us with exciting at-home experiments in under thirty minutes.  What started as magic was carefully explained, the illusion unraveled until we were left with an appreciation for that week’s key scientific topic.  Bill Nye mixed science with art, comedy, and music, a winning combination that seeded a love of science and knowledge in children of all ages.  In his 50th episode, Climate Report, Bill Nye not only introduced climates, but also warned of climate change and the concurrent devastation of all wildlife relying on their environments for survival.

It is this topic of climate change that Bill Nye later urged society to acknowledge and resolve.  For years Bill Nye has implored us to rise to the challenge and tackle today’s environmental issues.  The climate crisis is no problem to ignore; we cannot accept the current global track that will leave the earth depleted of resources and diversity of life.  

In his recent book, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World, Bill Nye tells a story of our world facing disaster due to global rising temperatures.  He cautions against an accustomed lifestyle that drains resources and bleeds dangerous emissions; this current path will consume the earth.  Despite the severity of the climate crisis, Bill Nye also shares his vision of hope, encouraging us as readers to pursue personal clean living, remain aware of issues, and keep the climate discussion roaring.  Within the text, he outlines issues and offers potential solutions, details fuel flexibility, clean energy innovations, and touches on our draining agriculture system; he proposes efficient clean water production, supports a sated world fed in part with GMOs, and addresses science denialism. The climate crisis is an obstacle that can be overcome with a determined global population backing cleaner, healthier practices.  Although many paint a dismal portrait of our fated world, Bill Nye invites us to act now, and together we can -dare I say it- change the world.

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