Documentary: "Chasing Ice"

Documentary: "Chasing Ice" 2012

Director: Jeff Orlowski

If I hadn't seen it in the pictures, I wouldn't have believed it at all.

Chasing Ice follows National Geographic photographer James Balog across the Arctic as he attempts to answer the questions clouding the controversy of climate change.  The global issues propagated by climate change have gained public attention over the last several decades, resulting in a mass division of society into concerned believers and skeptics.  Science education has failed to unionize the public and communicate the urgency of the desperate need to counteract climate change.  In 75 minutes, Chasing Ice uses art to fill this gap: successfully showing the unusual calving and drastic erosion of ancient glaciers at a frightening rate.  The film offers a visual dimension that provides tangible evidence - in the form of breathtaking photography - for a global problem that has the potential to eradicate a substantial number species in under 250 years.

Follow James Balog on his adventure to discover the truth through hauntingly beautiful imagery: Watch Chasing Ice

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