The Happy Earth Ambassador Program

We want to inspire people to drive awareness of environmental issues and work towards conservation solutions. Together, we can create a community of environmental advocates passionate about preserving our planet.   Below we've listed ways that ambassadors can bolster and support the earth.  As an ambassador, Happy Earth will award you points that can be redeemed for our eco-friendly products. Join our ambassador program - be a champion of the planet and look good doing it!


Every purchase at Happy Earth raises money for conservation efforts and helps inform people of issues plaguing our world. Ambassadors will receive a personal promo-code that provides a 15% discount for any purchase. Sharing your connection to Happy Earth, your passion for our campaigns, and your ambassador code with friends, family, and on social media can help award you points. In fact, with every order >$20 that uses your ambassador promo-code, you will be awarded 200pts!


Be A Voice

Happy Earth wants to share your environmental passions with our whole community. Our blog currently highlights different nature topics: reviewing documentaries, renewable energy, environmental trends, and the effects of pollution. We want to hear a topic that excites you! If an ambassador writes a blog entry we publish, we will award the individual 300pts!

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Lead the Movement

More than anything, we want our ambassadors to get involved in the conservation movements that inspire them! Be it organizing tree-plantings, ocean clean-ups, trail & park pick-ups, volunteering with environmental organizations, etc. Share what you are participating in or heading and we will award you 400+ points!


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Ambassador points can be redeemed for Happy Earth merchandise!  

  • 800 points = items <$22
  • 1000 points = items $22 - $40
  • 2000 points = items >$40

To redeem your points, send us an email!

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Ambassador Highlights

See what some of our ambassadors are doing for our planet!  Even though we support other organizations, we're rolling out a program to reward you guys for looking out for our world.  Share your conservation activities with us to be featured here!


"My family and I went to Obed National Park with a couple trash bigs with the intention on picking up any trash we found hiking along trails. We went through a short trail and ran into a park ranger and spoke a bit about what we were doing that day. He told us we wouldn’t find any on these trails, because they had people come through and do just what we were doing. That was good to hear, but he was very wrong.

"The main thing we found along the trails were beer cans, usually down the hill a ways off the trail. I was able to fill up about half a trash bag with everything I found. I am now advocating for everyone to bring a small bag when they go hiking, because I have seen trash on every trail I have ever been on; it never hurts to be prepared."

Kaylen takes an hour every weekend to look after a local creek as part of her "Clean the Creek" project!


"I’m an active member of Maryland State Game and Fish Protective Association.  The “club” is situated on 24 acres of forest, dedicated to the conservation of local wildlife.  The club recently partnered with The Gunpowder Valley Conservancy with a large grant funded by The Chesapeake Bay Trust.  The partnership and grant will help the club improve and reduce its storm water runoff, which feeds into a local creek and then into the Chesapeake Bay.  The project will also bring new wildlife habitats and nature paths for the public.  Throughout the year club and GVC members will plant 200 trees, create and install rain barrels, design and plant a bayscape garden, rain garden, and several micro-bioretention systems.

The club kicked off events with a public rain barrel workshop, where we built rain barrels out of upcycled maple syrup containers!  They not only smell delicious, but they will help the 15 attendees conserve water and reduce storm water runoff in their own homes and businesses!"

"I am the AP Environmental Science teacher at a local high school. This is my first year as a teacher, and I really wanted to make a difference as a geoscientist. This year at the school, a co-teacher and I started a "Community Service" class. This class is an elective, but it is so much more than a class. We started recycling programs at the school where we collect all the teacher's bins on Thursday and put them on the curb to be picked up by the recycling company. We recycle food that isn't eaten to be donated to our weekly back pack program for the students who don't get what they need at home. We are also trying to build an Outdoor classroom for all teachers to use to give the students a new environment to learn from.
All of these are huge efforts within our school to make our community a better place as well as it makes my job worth while."

Happy Earth Apparel Ambassadors

Two of our ambassadors recently took it upon themselves to clean up a popular hiking trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We've all been saddened or even angered by witnessing the trash that other hikers leave behind, but when you're not prepared for it, it's hard to make a meaningful difference in cleaning up.  These two dedicated a day to traveling to the trail just to collect and remove trash from where it didn't belong.  That's seriously awesome.

Read their story here:


*Ambassador codes are your way to personally vouch for us - codes should not be posted on coupon aggregation sites.  Codes found on these sites will be deactivated and points forfeited.