Rewards for Current Ambassadors


Earning Ambassador Points

Ambassadors can earn redeemable points in three ways:

  1. Lead the Movement (800+): Participate in conservation-related activities! We want all of our ambassadors to be active in promoting conservation, but few things have more impact than doing conservation work yourself. Organizing or taking part in outdoor clean-ups, hosting educational seminars, implementing environment-friendly practices at school or work, and other related endeavors earn 800+ points. In order to award these points, please send us an email detailing the work you've done to We'd love to highlight the efforts put forth by our community!

  2. Be a Voice (600+): Education is key to changing behavior, and our blog serves as an outlet for education. Writing a post about a personal experience related to conservation or an informative article on environmental topic will earn 600+ points. Prior to writing, please allow us to approve the topic by sending your idea to General guidelines for these posts are 800-1200 words with a few photos (please include the source).

  3. Promote and Share (15%): Each purchase made by anyone using an ambassador's code earn 5 points per $1 (not including shipping). When redeemed for merchandise, this equates to a 15% reward on top of the 15% that the discount provides. Basically, when you give 15%, you get 15% - so if you use your own code, you benefit twice! We recommend using Pinterest and sharing ambassador codes through Instagram stories as the most successful ways of sharing your code. Please note: an ambassador's code will by necessity be changed if the code is listed on a coupon site, intentionally or not.

Redeeming Points

Ambassador points can be redeemed for Happy Earth merchandise!  

  • Every 1000 points = $30 in redeemable merchandise

  • The price of the item is prorated in points ($1 = 33.33 points). For example:

    • A $35 shirt = 1167 points

    • A $54 sweatshirt = 1800 points

    • A $72 jacket = 2400 points

  • If the points are redeemed on a discounted order, the value redeemed will be proportionally adjusted.

  • If an exchange needs to be made, a shipping fee will be charged.

We'll send an email each time your code is used, so you can keep track of your total.

Place your order online and send us an email to apply your points as a refund.  Points will not be awarded for redeemed purchases.  Points cannot be used to pay for shipping.